Adding a wall in Palo Alto: the solution to so many problems. My father decided that he wanted to install another wall to convert one big room of his condo into two, and was going to call up some company he knew from 20 years ago to do it; yes, you may have known them years ago, but, honestly, let me help you do some research.

I found All Peninsula Drywall online, and the company seemed like exactly what he was looking for. The company’s free consultation service was great and no hassle; after hearing the price my dad’s guys wanted, my research was…entirely justified ;). He decided to go with Peninsula Drywall and hasn’t looked back since. I wasn’t present for any part of the installation past the consultation, but my father has repeatedly told me how happy he is with the service and price – not light praise from that man! The wall seems seamless to me when I saw it, so I’m going to chalk this one up as a success. I’d definitely recommend Peninsula Drywall services.

Alex S.
Palo Alto, CA